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Heritage Hospice
Blue Jean Ball

From left to right: Sandy Reigelman, Diane Meshako, Marg Hasty, Fran Halloran, Beth Leahy, Kay Arnold, Alice Biggars, Dede Turner

For the past seven years, The Garden Club of Danville has donated labor and floral materials to arrange centerpieces for the Blue Jean Ball. Monies raised on the evening of the Blue Jean Ball, through individual contributions and the Silent Auction, go directly to the Heritage Hospice general operating fund. We are pleased that our efforts reduce the overall expenditures of this event.

This year, members Marg Hasty and Fran Halloran coordinated the arranging session at Pioneer Playhouse where the Blue Jean Ball is held. The day prior to the event found club members Kay Arnold, Alice Biggers, Beth Leahy, Diane Meshako, Sandy Reigleman, Dede Turner, Marg Hasty and Fran Halloran arranging flowers and floral branches from their gardens. Additional plant material was donated from the gardens of Martha Caywood,Ginny Eckland and Linda and Terry Taylor. The group assembled over 35 arrangements using daffodils, narcissus, flowering quince, redbud, wild mustard and hyacinth, as well as other material. Garden club members Andrea Perkins and Susan Jonas are credited with capturing the beauty of the day on film.

This year’s Blue Jean Ball will be April 3, 2019.