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When Fall Comes, The Fun Continues

From left, Susan Jonas, Joyce Eulner, guest Mayumi Schalkoff, and Barbara Ferguson.

Making a jar full of flowers look pretty isn’t as difficult as it might seem, with help from an expert. At the November meeting of the Garden Club of Danville, member and interior designer Jennifer Shevlin demonstrated how to make a simple autumn arrangement for a side table.  She provided containers and a selection of fresh flowers, greenery, and autumn floral accessories for the members to create their own designs to take home.  These women show their arrangements in progress, each one different.


From left, Linda Taylor, Kay Arnold, Fran Halloran, and Carol Seidel.

For many years the Garden Club of Danville has been planting and maintaining the Apothecary Garden at the Ephraim McDowell House Museum.  The garden is planted with medicinal herbs that Dr. McDowell might have used in his medical practice in the 19th century. Visitors to the house can tour the gardens and the adjoining Apothecary Shop. From early spring until late fall, a team of Garden Club members visits weekly to keep the garden looking its best.  Team members recently put the garden to bed for the winter, cutting back dead foliage and raking up leaves to be mulched.